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The Interview Process

Keep in mind that communication as well as interviewing is a two-way street. While the owner doctor and prospective new doctor have different goals, each should assume that getting to know one another in order to assess a good fit requires flexibility and transparency during the interview process.  There should be freedom in asking and answering questions pertaining to the possibility of working together.  I want to make sure that you have everything that you need so that both of you feel comfortable in having your questions answered.  In the next addition to this process, I will give you my ...

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Connectivity Is Why I Love the Modern Autoclave

By Michelle Strange, MSDH, RDH | We all know how passionate I am about ensuring proper infection control in dental practices, and one of the key factors to achieving this is having the most effective equipment. This includes an autoclave that meets international standards and all the regulatory requirements. Running a subpar autoclave puts your practice at a higher risk of spreading infections, cross-infection, and contamination, let alone the inefficiencies that end up costing you time and money. After working in the dental industry for so many years, I can tell you with confidence that one autoclave that is not ...

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Choosing the Right ePrescribing Software

Most of us can take a quick look at our home and find a slew of products, from household goods and appliances to our wardrobes, that no longer suit us. We hold on to them because they’ve always been there and we’ve grown used to them and how they (mostly) fit. If you’ve ever driven an old car, you know the feeling as well. You learn to overlook the shortcomings because you’ve gotten used to them, and because transitioning to something new can be a hassle that comes with disruption and expense. While delaying transitions to new things might be ...

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Benefits of Investing in an Intraoral Scanner

Are you a dentist looking to improve your practice and provide the best possible outcomes for your patients? If so, it may just be the time to invest in that intraoral scanner you’ve been hearing about. There’s been a major movement to digital over the past few years. In this blog post, we'll discuss the main reasons a dentist should consider when purchasing an intraoral scanner as well as the benefits it can provide. Improved Accuracy: Intra-oral scanners provide highly accurate 3D images of the patient's mouth, allowing dentists to create precise dental restorations such as crowns and bridges. This ...

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