Focus on Temporization

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Focus on Temporization

Featuring innovative packaging and simple delivery systems, Centrix’s NoMIX temporary
cement and Tempit filling materials are designed to simplify temporization

For a short-term solution, temporary cements sure have a big job on their hands—for example, provide good retention…but not so good that the provisional can’t be removed, offer easy clean up and adequate working and setting time, while leaving no residue behind that may affect adhesion of the final restoration. While it may seem impossible to find a cement that checks off every box, sometimes you hit the jackpot. “We started using NoMIX because we were looking for an easy, fast, non-messy, and eugenolfree temporary cement for our temp crowns and bridges,” said Dr. Harold E. Henry of Centrix’s mix-free, moisture-activated temporary cement. “We wanted something that would set fast, seal well, flow upon seating, and that also allowed for easy removal of the temp. NoMIX provides all of these characteristics.” Dr. Henry shared that cleanup with NoMIX has been a breeze. “Post-cementation cleanup is quick and easy with an explorer, and de-cementation usually only requires lifting the temp off followed by an excavator on the prep and prophy cup with pumice,” he said. NoMIX is available in syringe delivery and 0.50-gram unit-dose tubes that patients can take home and use to reseat their provisional themselves. Many offices now apply the first application from the tube, seat the temp, and then give the remainder of the tube to the patient. “The take-home blister packs have saved the patient and our office from return visits to re-cement a loose temporary. We use them in about a quarter of cases, especially on short preps,” added Dr. Henry. “NoMIX is a definite win for us—it’s our No. 1 choice for temporary cement.”

A Growing Tempit Family

A Growing Tempit Family Centrix’s Tempit family now includes 4 unique temporary filling materials with simple delivery. The original, time-proven, moisture-activated Tempit, launched more than 3 decades ago, was designed to set in 5 minutes or less to seal out microleakage and bacteria.

Recently, Tempit-E with added eugenol was introduced to offer anti-inflammatory and local anesthetic effects, especially in cases of reversible pulpal inflammation. Tempit L/C offers a lightactivated solution for indirect inlays/onlays, as well as implant access openings. It sets quickly to a firm but flexible state and can be removed with an explorer without causing damage to preps. Lastly, Tempit Ultra-F sets harder and releases fluoride, making it ideal for longer-term temporaries or tooth-colored restorations in deciduous teeth. All Tempit materials come in pre-filled, unit-dose tips that can be delivered directly into the prep using any composite or Centrix C/R Gun.

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