A Fresh Start with Material Management

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A Fresh Start with Material Management

By Kay Hickey, LDA, Zirc Product & Efficiency Consultant

2021 is upon us and it’s time to start fresh, reset, and get organized! I’m challenging your group practice to make a resolution – to streamline your clinical systems so you can control the abundance of dental materials and products that can create chaos and clutter! But don’t worry… you don’t have to do it alone!

Let me introduce myself – my name is Kay, and I am an LDA and clinical efficiency consultant with Zirc Dental Products. Zirc is an innovative company that has been helping practices become safe, efficient, and happy for over 50 years. We have an incredible team of efficiency consultants who are all former clinicians who have walked the walk and talked the talk, and we are ready to help!

Let’s address the issue – dentistry requires so much inventory management due to the overabundance of materials and supplies that tend to be stored in way too many places. There are materials shoved in cabinets, treatment rooms, storage areas, hall closets, the sterilization center – you name it! This can make managing inventory time consuming and ineffective. Read more.